Practice, practice, practice!

Ok, here is my first post. I finished 3 sessions of “WordPress” classes last night and I know that if I don’t do this right away, all will be lost. Lots to figure out; especially catagory vs menu, page vs what what that similar thing…oh, post!

Mostly, I just need to say that I am starting this blog to record all the exciting goings on with my non-profit, Keepers of the Patos Light, which was formed to preserve and protect both Patos Island and its lovely historic lighthouse. Patos Island is located five miles north or Orcas Island in Washington State’s beautiful San Juan Islands.

Through this blog, I hope to reach out to former Coast Guard men and families who lived on Patos Island before the lighthouse was decommissioned in the early “70s.

Now I will practice putting in a photograph. That’s all for today.

Over and out.

PS Photograph didn’t insert…back to the drawing board!


Tried again…I hope it works!


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