More practice….

As I know how I am, I realise that I must post at least a small something each day or ALL my WordPress knowledge will slip slide away!

Last night we saw an amazingly funny movie, “The Trip” with Steve Coogan and another English comic, (name?). There was so much that made us laugh and I can’t single out any one scene, except for their endless play on a scene from a Mel Gibson/Braveheart (and etcs) battle movie. Their endless (seemingly) ad-libs on the “Men…to bed…for we rise at daybreak!” lines….oh it was side-splitting. A movie to watch again in year or so?

And now for something completely different: a few nights ago we went to see an author speak at the library, Thor Hansen, who lives on San Juan Island and has written a book, “Feathers” A wonderful, lively and amusing speaker who pointed out that when we look at birds what are we doing but “looking at a bunch of feathers”? I can add esp when the feathers are brightly and exotically colored? Here is his info:

Oh one more insert a practice photo too…that’s the part that is confusing me a bit:

Center Church, Lopez Island


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