Patos Bill

The US Coast Guard on Patos Island

We often hear from a former resident of Patos Island, Patos Bill LaVergne. He now lives in Tacoma, Washington. Bill was stationed on Patos Island in the early “50s when he was with the US Coast Guard,

With Bill on the island at that time were Clarence “T” Titterington and his wife Elaine. All of them were in their late teens, early 20s at the time. Hard to believe, really. Did people grow up faster then? We have been interviewing the Titteringtons informally, but in 2012 we have plans to record all of these memories and scan all the pictures.

We would love to hear from other Coast Guarders (and/or families) who served on Patos Island. The US Coast Guard closed up and automated the lighthouse in the early 70s, so now is the time to find these former residents. We learn so much of the history of the island this way.

Patos Bill has sent us a wonderful Christmas card. The picture was taken last summer when we hosted a Patos Party for Bill’s 79th birthday.


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