Midnight in Paris

David and I watched “Midnight in Paris” last night. I was so eager to see this latest WoodyAllen film that I would have bought it, except that it was not out on DVD ’til yesterday. It was #One on our Netflix list, so there it was in yesterday’s mail!

I am inserting a link to Roger Ebert’s review. It contains the big spoiler of the (whole) movie, so if you haven’t seen it or heard about it don’t read it right now.


As for me, I have been waiting for a movie that is not just set in Paris, but stars Paris….my favorite city on earth. I often wonder about this…why it is my and so many others favorite city. It it situated on some kind of magical vortex or something, like those “Mystery” houses we used to visit on family vacations? Well, let’s just let it remain a beautiful enigma.


One comment on “Midnight in Paris

  1. CMrok93 says:

    It’s a pleasant time enough. I think some of the comedy can get lost with the rapid fire one-liners and obviously, humor is always so subjective. Owen Wilson and everybody else here are great as well. Nice review.

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