Coast Guard Men on Patos in the 40s

We are looking for relatives/descendants of these Coast Guard men; stationed at Patos Island Light Station, Washington State. The picture was taken in the late 40s.

Patos Island Light Station


“Personnel of Patos Light stand inspection before Commander Wilcox as Yeoman Burrows makes notes. Left to right: Russell Slocombe, Los Angeles; Rupert V Hagen, Long Beach, Ca; Arthur Diamond, Provo, Utah; Orville Hudson, Westport, Or; Calvin Hill, Oakland, Ca; George DeJarnatt, The Dalles, Or; and Edward Larson, Seattle. Larson is in charge of the Station.”


2 comments on “Coast Guard Men on Patos in the 40s

  1. Jim Larson says:

    Ed Larson was dad and spoke fondly of his time on Patos during WWII. Since he was in charge of the station my mother joined him on the island. Later he and mom managed Outlook Inn on Orcus along with my grandparents.

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