Patos Lighthouse Register of Visitors!

Register of Visitors at Patos Island Light Station

In June of 2009, thanks to KOPL member and Orcas Museum volunteer Edrie Vinson, we learned that the Orcas Island Historical Museum was in possession of the Patos Light Station Visitor Register. What a find! To have a record of the visitors and Coast Guard on Patos from August 1903 until May 1978 is invaluable. The Orcas Island Historical Museum kindly allowed us to photograph the pages, and links to each can be found listed on our webpage at    The pages are identified by page number and by month and date of signatures. This should help to narrow down your search.

So, explore a little. Maybe you’ll find a relative or someone you know. On one page there are signatures of a couple of the Durgan’s, of “The Light on the Island“. Billie Coutt’s is there somewhere, too. Look around, you never know what you might find.

Please be advised that these are large files and may take longer to download.

Do you want to know more about the Orcas Island Historical Museum? You’ll find a link to their website on our Contact Us/Links page.

Visitors enjoying a visit to the Patos Lighthouse today


2 comments on “Patos Lighthouse Register of Visitors!

  1. Linda, what a wonderful site you have created! Much more involved than my simple site. We love Patos Island and the beautiful lighthouse.
    Thanks for being part of the crew that keeps the lights on. Liz

  2. Hello Liz, Thaks for encouragement! I basically do the same 6-7 things for each article, and I have lots of photos, thank-goodness. I am hoping to attract attention from people who have Patos stories of their own!

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