Keepers: Front Row and Center!

Dawn’s acoount of the National Conservation Area Protection Bill meeting in Anacortes today with Secretary Salazar and Senator Maria Cantwell: Thanks, Dawn!!!!!!:

I have to say that I was very impressed with Secretary Slazar and Senator Cantwell for all that they are doing to protect the BLM land in the San Juan Islands.  I felt that the naysayers are not well educated and feel the governement is going to take over the precious San Juan Islands and not just the BLM property.  

Dawn finds her childood teeter-totter on Patos Island!

When all was said and done I was trying to get to Linda who was at the “map” of the San Juans Islands showing the BLM properties and educating the naysayers (thank you Linda!).  Then Senator Cantwell grabbed my hand and said “thank you so much for speaking, that was so sweet what you said”  I said “I was so nervous and thanked her for her service and everything she does”.  That was soooo Cool!  After I spoke I also had to show Secretary Salazar on the map exactly where Patos Island was located as I mentioned the whole Island is BLM land and must be protected, I would prefer an Executive order.  I am sure he knew where Patos Island was but wanted to make a point. 

Here are some of the notes I took as general information.  Which I am sure Nick also could tell us.  He was sure touted (as he should be) by Salazar.  

   The Senate Bill is 1559 NCA National Conservation Area     

   The BLM land in the San Juans would be added to the 28Million BLM Estate of protected acres, that would prioritize restoration, and personnel   

   This land has 700,000 visitors a year, The outdoor Recreation Foundation offers 8Million jobs and between 2011 – 2021 they plan to add 1.1 to 3.1million more jobs 

There are 3 main areas for the Outdoor Recreation Foundation

  • Landscape National Significance
  • Great Urban Park – Lan set aside in major cities
  • River Restoration Agenda which includes the Elwa River

The BLM is in the process to developing a website to help with input from the communities. 

Enjoy the photos –


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