Docents and Fog

Our new docents pose with Ranger Steve on Minnie’s Beach, Patos Island

Yesterday, June 16th, dawned as a Very Rainy Day, but we headed out to Patos Island for a docent training day, none-the-less. Docent trainees, Pat & Pete, and David W and I, left with Fearless Ranger Steve from  Orcas Island for the trip over to Patos island at 8:30 AM.

When we got the island, we headed right up to the lighthouse to go over the ropes, expecting no visitors due to the weather conditions, but surprise!, we had several groups of visitors in the hours that we were open.

The husband of a young couple with their toddler daughter, told me he had a 105 year old grandmother living in Bellingham who had known one of the Semiamoo lighthouse’s  lightkeepers. Since our very own Edward Durgan, (the  lightkeeper in “Light on the Island”) worked at Semiamoo lighthouse at the end of his career, we asked this young man to interview his grandmother and then contact us with any information.

With another couple, from Alberta, Canada,  the husband was a power electrician technician, who became fascinated with our photographs taken inside the lighthouse in the late 1950s. These photos  were takenby USCG Lightkeeper, Dale Nelson, and are the core of our collection of historic photographs in the 1950s. The young man stared intently at the pictures of dials and knobs and gave of a narrative of what each one did. We even gave him a magnifying glass so that he could see even more detail. I arranged to send him the photos via email so that we could get him to write down all his observations for lighthouse posterity!

Losta Dials!

After lunch, I gave our trainee docents a break and off they went to hike the beach and the island trail and by the time they made it back, it was time to meet the state park pick up boat at Minnie’s beach.

Despite the rain, we had a terrific training day and a good time was had by all!

FoggY Ferry on the way to Patos Island


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