A Big Day On Patos Island!

RangerSteve reviews safety rules for the KOPL crew

At 8:30 this AM, I left Orcas Island with a crew of 8 work group volunteers for the ride over to Patos Island, with Ranger Steve taking us over on the big State Parks boat, the Sea Bass. The Sea bass has been out of commission for 1+ years so it was nice to once again get a team of volunteers and their gear onto one boat for the trip over.

New docents, Barb abd Buzz, watch porpoises off the bow of the Sea Bass.

Our special occasion on Patos was to meet and great the new BLM supervisor for the Wenatchee District, which, oddly, includes the BLM properties in the San Juan Islands. Our ability to continue to open the lighthouse to the public hinges on her approval, so we wanted the trails and the lighthouse complex area to look much more than presentable.

After our pep and safety talk on Minnie’s Beach, we headed off in various groups to mow the campsite areas, weed eat the path near the lighthouse and work on the overgrown island loop trail. The rest of us headed up to open up the lighthouse.

Keepers hard at work spiffing up the lighthouse

As usual, visitors started up the path as soon as we opened up, so two of our newer docents got to hear me talk to visitors about the recent lighthouse renovation and lighthouse history. When Nick, our leader from the BLM, arrived with his new supervisor, I gave her to tour, told stories of reminiscences of old Coast guard men, and told stories from the book, Light on the Island. She seemed mightily impressed with the work our volunteers have done and continue to do on the island and at the lighthouse.

We all agreed at the end of the day that everyone had done a great job and once again we had all worked as a team to do it!


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