Happy Birthday, Dear Lighthouse

Celebrants at Patos Island Lighthouse's 104th birthday

Our co-president and treasurer, Carla  Chalker writes:

On August 19th, Keepers and friends gathered on Patos Island to celebrate the 104th year of the Patos Lighthouse tower.
Our guest of honor was “Patos Bill” Lavergne, who was celebrating his birthday, too. Joining us were birthday girls
Keeper Linda Lantos and lighthouse visitor Carly, and Keeper Sandy and Dennis Evans, who were celebrating their
anniversary. Our guest Carly led us in the birthday song, and then we all enjoyed cupcakes and lemonade while
“Patos Bill” entertained us with songs and stories from his Coast Guard years. Thanks to all our friends who joined
us on this happy day, let’s do it again next year!

Patos Bill (L) and friends


One comment on “Happy Birthday, Dear Lighthouse

  1. Bill La Vergne says:

    Well if the creek don’t rise and the sound doesn’t dry up I plan to spend my 81st birthday in August 2013 on Patos Island the ” island of my dreams”
    Patos Bill

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