Patos Barb: Super Lighthouse Docent

I want to follow my last post with a mention of our Docent Extraordinaire, Barb V.G. Without Barb’s help and commitment our lighthouse would not have been open nearly as many days last summer. For most of August and half of September, Barb camped out on Patos to open the lighthouse not only on weekends but for most weekdays as well. Because of Barb, our visitor numbers doubled this last summer and so many more grateful people were able to see inside the lighthouse hear about the amazing history of Patos Lighthouse.

Barb, we all want to thank you from all of the bottoms of our hearts!

Super Docent Barb talks to a visiting family


Summer Docent Program A Shining Success!

Last summer, between Memorial Day and September 15th, we were able to open our lighthouse 62 days and we greeted 1240 happy visitors. How? The Keepers of the Patos Light Docent Program!

Docents Kyra and Rose welcome lighthouse visitors

In April, Carla and I held an initial docent training program at the Lopez  Island Library. This was followed by several on-site camp-outs on Patos Island. As a result we now have seven new docents for a total of 12 active participants in our program.

Becoming a lighthouse docent is not hard, but it does require some training. Docents are trained in safety issues, lighthouse history, Patos flora and fauna and records keeping and reporting.  Accommodations consist of camping out in peaceful campsite “7” overlooking beautiful Active Cove. Transportation to Patos Island is provided by thewonderful rangers of Washington State Parks.

Docents leaving for Patos Island

Keeping the Lighthouse Open is a gratifying and heartwarming experience. One visitor said that being about to see inside the lighthouse was, “One of the highlights of my life!”

Docents Russell and Madrona explain a map of the area

For more information about lighthouse summer open days or for information about training to become a Keepers of the Patos Light Docent, please email us at: