Docent Thoughts….

After each docent weekend, I usually receive either an email or a phone call from our volunteers. Here is the email from one of volunteers from last weekend:

Hello Linda,

We got back last night after a blissful time on Patos. 
You’ve done a great job setting the lighthouse up to be a very rich experience. I know you’ve worked with others to accomplish this and to all I am very appreciative. 
We had 90+ visitors over the 3 days – and all were enthralled. I was sure to tell the story of you and your friend, reading the book at 10 — and manifesting the dream all these years later.
Really, it was wholly magical, Thank you!
Interesting to note that these volunteers experienced quite a rainstorm on Friday night….this didn’t seem to dampen their spirits. I guess Patos Island is a magical place, rain OR shine!
Another docent perk: Sunsets like this!

Another docent perk: Sunsets like this!


One comment on “Docent Thoughts….

  1. Peggy Burton says:

    Wonderful photo of Patos Lighthouse, where the dolphins dance in the sunset spray…
    My favorite place to visit. Thank you for your stewardship of this treasure!

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