In Praise of Lighthouse Docents

This is the email I sent to all of wonderful Patos Lighthouse Docents:

“This is a much belated message to all of you wonderful lighthouse docents. The lighthouse has now been locked up tight for the winter. I am thinking of all the storms, winds, and snow, she will see before we all see her again.

I want to thank you all for all of your efforts this past spring and summer to open the lighthouse to our thankful public. You all know how happy our visitors were to see inside the lighthouse.

Thanks to your efforts, we were able to open to doors to the lighthouse a total of 43 days and greet over 850 visitors. What wonderful memories our visitors took away with them when they left Patos Island. And what memories all of you took away. From the comments many of you sent to me after your time on the island it’s hard to guess who had the most wonderful time…you or our visitors!”

And here are some of those wonderful visitor and docent comments:

“Super! Duper!

“It’s an absolute dream to visit Patos. As a longtime fan of “Light on the Island”, I’ve been wanting to bring my children here!”

“A magic place, beautifully restored”

“Truly beautiful, Island and Lighthouse!”

“Thanks for taking care of the lighthouse and doing such a great job of sharing!”

“I spent  my 49th birthday here…I will never forget it!!”

“beautiful and so picturesque…we’re taking home great memories”

“Great work in keeping the light and keeping the history alive”

We were so psyched to get a tour today!

…and last but not least:

“Perhaps this is the most beautiful spot on earth?  La puesta del sol era magnifice!”

And to close, here are some of the beautiful pictures our docents took last summer. Looking forward to another wonderful summer of 2014!


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