Patos Island Memories, Part 3, By “Patos” Bill LaVergne

Patos Bill, left with Clarence and Elaine Titterington in the early 1950s.

Patos Bill, left, with Clarence and Elaine Titterington and another Bill,  in the early 1950s.

So after serving on Patos Island  I was assigned to Our USCG base in Seattle where my day time duty was in charge of Base Seattle telephone communications. My duty was to operate the Base telephone Switch Board and train other personal in telephone operations. I also saw to it that when ships tied up at our dock that their telephone system was activated through our Base system. One time in hooking a ship up my set of Base keys fell overboard. There was no way to retrieve them so we had to replace locks and keys around the base. That was not my shinning hour I might tell you.

Turing this time in Seattle TV Station KING on Saturday nights had a live half hour program called ” MARCH ON “. It was a program devoted to advertising all of the US Services…Army….Navy…Coast Guard ETC. It was to advertise enlistments for the Korean War going on.
I was the Coast Guards rep. We had Friday practice which I went to and then went to the Station on Saturday and prerecorded the music ETC and then performed the program live from 7 to 7:30 PM. It was always a program of music and a story line. I really enjoyed this duty as it gave me a full weekend away from my duties at the base and I was able to be home in Tacoma with my family. Not bad duty huh?
As I was not on duty every night  at the base I was able to stay in my apartment in Seattle when I did not have duty.
As soon as the War was over the Navy let us Coast Guard boys out of our enlistments as they then had no money in their peace time budget for us. So I soon found myself released from active duty and put in the reserves.
Finding myself free again to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it took a little getting use to. However in the long run  I look back on my tour of duties and it was most likely the best of the best in my young life. And the memories have lasted a life time.
And Yes…. Patos is still the LIGHT OF MY LIFE.
May the Light always shine on you and bring you peace.
Patos Bill….Tacoma Washington 2014

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