Lighthouse Docent Training!

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This last weekend, I had a camp out training session for 4 of our new docent trainees. We were blessed with two days of glorious weather on Patos Island.

Our docent trainees and I left Orcas Island with our marvelous state parks rangers, Steve and David, who dropped us off on Minnie’s Beach in Active Cove. We lugged all of our gear up to the two campsites on the hill, #6&7, which we call “The Most Beautiful Campsites in the World” because they are. We also had LOTS of bins of gears, books and lighthouse items to bring to the lighthouse since this was our first visit since we closed the lighthouse last October.

Luckily for our trainees, the island was crowded with camping out and boating visitors, since this was Memorial Day Weekend. One large group pf campers consisted of family members of the Lummi Tribe, from the Bellingham area, who have been camping out on Patos  this weekend for years. All the visitors gave our trainees quick lessons on what visitors want to hear and what they are interested in. Out came the notebooks on lighthouse history, filled with photographs.

As usual, many visitors had read “Light on the Island” and many were there because of the book. And as usual, we sold several copies over the weekend.

On Saturday, we greeted 47 visitors and Sunday we welcomed 8. We had the drop in visitors due to an unexpected windstorm in the night. We were nice and cosy in our tents, but many boaters were caught by surprise, including two boaters over on Sucia whose boats were literally blown out of the water and on to the rocks.

There was also time during the weekend for relaxing, hiking the island trail and getting to know each other.

We were picked up Sunday afternoon by our Rangers who gave us a special treat by making a detour to show us the famous Patos/Duck rock at the eastern end of Patos, and also a trip over to Sucia to see one of the stranded boats.


A great time was had by all and we are well on our way towards our goal of having the lighthouse open many more days this coming summer!