National Monument Committee!

Lopez and San Juan Island  Island Conservation Corps kids waving to us from the Lighthouse

Lopez and San Juan Island Island Conservation Corps kids waving to us from the Lighthouse

National Monument Advisory Committee Nominations Open Tomorrow

As someone on our informal Management Planning email list, you get a bit of a head start on this news. Tomorrow should see the publication of the official Federal Register announcement of the San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee (the official name of our RAC). This will open nominations, which will have a deadline 45 days later. We should see a press release from BLM when the publication happens and that announcement will go to my broader list, facebook, etc. Start thinking now about who you’d like to encourage to apply for this and who you are able to write endorsement letters for.

The Federal Register has made the announcement available in pre-publication form and it will become official on February 6. The announcement indicates that the press release from BLM will contain more information about nominations. The form of the nominations will likely follow the application linked to from the BLM’s RAC page.

There are no surprises in the announcement, which is copied below. Some key points are highlighted in bold.

This document is scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on 02/06/2014 and available online at, and on

Bureau of Land Management
Notice of Intent to Establish and Call for Nominations for the San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee, Washington
AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.
ACTION: Notice.

SUMMARY: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is publishing this notice in accordance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) and the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). The BLM gives notice that the Secretary of the Interior is establishing the San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee. This notice also solicits nominations for members of the public to sit on the Committee. The Committee will provide information and advice regarding the development of the National Monument’s management plan as stated in the Presidential Proclamation establishing the Monument.

ADDRESSES: Nominations should be submitted to Daniel Picard, BLM Spokane District Manager, 1103 N. Fancher Road, Spokane, WA 99212, Attention: RAC Nominations.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Daniel Picard, BLM Spokane District Manager, 509-536-1200.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The FLPMA (43 U. S. C. 1739) directs the Secretary of the Interior to involve the public in planning and issues related to management of lands administered by the BLM. Section 309 of FLPMA directs the Secretary to establish 10-to-15-member citizen-based advisory councils that are consistent with FACA. The rules governing RACs are found at 43 CFR subpart 1784. As required by FACA, Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) membership must be balanced and representative of the various interests concerned with the management of the public lands. The San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee will be composed of 12 members: 2 members representing recreation and tourism interests, 2 members representing wildlife and ecological interests, 2 members representing cultural and heritage interests, 2 public-at-large members, 1 member representing tribal interests, 1 member representing local government, 1 member representing education and interpretation interests, and 1 member representing private landowners. Individuals may nominate themselves or others. Nominees must be residents of the district in which the RAC has jurisdiction. The BLM will evaluate nominees based on their education, training, experience, and knowledge of the geographic area of the RAC. Nominees should demonstrate a commitment to collaborative resource decision-making. The Obama Administration prohibits individuals who are currently federally registered lobbyists to serve on all FACA and non-FACA boards, committees or councils. The following must accompany all nominations.

  • Letters of reference from represented interests or organizations;
  • A completed background information nomination form; and
  • Any other information that addresses the nominee’s qualifications.

Simultaneous with this notice, the BLM Spokane District Office will issue a press release providing additional information for submitting nominations, with the specifics about the number and categories of member positions available.

CERTIFICATION STATEMENT: I certify that the BLM San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee is necessary and in the public interest in connection with the Secretary’s responsibilities to manage the lands, resources and facilities administered by the BLM.
(Authority: 43 CFR 1784.4-1).
Dated: Jan. 24, 2014.
Sally Jewell,
Secretary of the Interior.
[FR Doc. 2014-02536 Filed 02/05/2014 at 8:45 am; Publication Date: 02/06/2014]

Copyright © 2014 Tom Reeve, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you expressed interest in remaining closely involved with the process for creating the Resource Management Plan for the San Juan Islands National Monument.
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Tom Reeve

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Great News For Washington Lighthouses!

February 18, 2014
Contact: Nan Devlin
971 235-9785
Devlin Endean Marketing Group

Keep Washington Shining campaign spotlights lighthouse funding, encourages drivers to choose a Washington Lighthouse license plate.

Since 2009, license plates have funded $125,000 in restoration projects; more support needed to help preserve 13 nonprofit lighthouses open to public.

Coupeville, Wash. Feb. 18, 2014 – Lighthouse Environmental Programs (LEP), a Whidbey Island based non-profit organization announced today the launch of the Keep Washington Shining campaign to encourage drivers to choose a Washington Lighthouse specialty license plate for their car, motorcycle, trailer or RV. The campaign is designed to make drivers aware of the direct impact they have on ensuring Washington’s coastal treasures for generations to come.

The state’s iconic lighthouses are generously supported by the efforts of donors, enthusiasts, volunteers and other funding sources. A substantial portion of the funding for restoration, preservation and interpretive projects comes from grants supported by proceeds from sales of the Washington Lighthouse specialty license plate.

For each license plate sold and renewed, LEP, which manages the license plate funds, receives $28. To date, license plate sales have funded $125,000 in grants to help fund various projects for lighthouses all along Washington’s coastline.

“The $28 LEP receives is a tax-deductible donation for the driver, and one that many Washington employers will match,” said Julie Pigott, license plate grant administrator for LEP and the WSU Extension of Island County Lighthouse Program Coordinator in Coupeville. “We want our state drivers to know that the one simple thing of purchasing a Washington Lighthouse license plate makes all the difference in whether a lantern house or leaky roof can be repaired.”

Pigott says that keeping the state’s lighthouses in good condition is about more than preserving history.

“Lighthouses were vital in developing our entire state and region, helping ships of all types safely navigate our waterways,” said Pigott. “Today, they are equally vital to the vibrancy of coastal communities by attracting thousands and thousands of tourists each year.”

The 12 nonprofit lighthouses and one lightship eligible for grants attract maritime enthusiasts and cultural visitors every year. Log books show many visitors are from within Washington, yet for many lighthouses, a majority of visitors are from other states, as well as Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. While admission to lighthouses is often free, these visitors will spend money on lodging, food and shopping, helping small businesses thrive.

A new website,, features the history, stories, restoration efforts and visitor information about the lighthouses that benefit from LEP funds. These lighthouses include Admiralty Head (Coupeville, Whidbey Island), Browns Point (Tacoma) Burrows Island (near Anacortes), Grays Harbor (Westport), Lime Kiln (San Juan Islands), Mukilteo (Mukilteo), New Dungeness (Sequim), North Head (Ilwaco), Patos Island (San Juan Islands), Point No Point (Hansville, Kitsap Peninsula), Point Robinson (Vashon Island), Turn Point (San Juan Islands) and the Swiftsure Lightship (Seattle).

License plate funds also go toward three WSU Extension of Island County programs supported by LEP: WSU Beach Watchers, WSU Lighthouse Docents and WSU Waste Wise Volunteers.

For more information about LEP and the Keep Washington Shining campaign, visit or follow on Facebook at Washington Lighthouses.

About Lighthouse Environmental Programs

LEP is established as a Washington Non-Profit Corporation to provide advisory support and fiduciary services for specified educational programs in Island County Washington. When you purchase a Washington Lighthouse license plate, your contribution funds restoration and preservation of the Admiralty Head Lighthouse and 12 other Washington State Lighthouses. Funds also go toward three Washington State University (WSU) Extension of Island County programs holding membership in LEP: WSU Beach Watchers, WSU Lighthouse Docents and WSU Waste Wise Volunteers. LEP also provides fiduciary functions supporting Keepers of Admiralty Head Lighthouse, a fund raising membership group focused on restoration and enhancement of the interpretive displays at Admiralty Head Lighthouse. For more information, visit

Let’s Get That Flag Flying Again!

Site of the flagpole

Site of the flagpole

The flag of the United States used to fly proudly over US Coast Guard Station, Patos Island. We do not know when the flag and pole were taken down, but from old photographs we know where the pole was located. We think it would be a dandy idea to return the flag and pole the island. The plan is for our volunteers and Docents to raise the flag whenever we are on island and able to open to light house.

Can you help us achieve this  goal with your donations? All donations are tax deductible. Please send donations, designated for the “FlagFund”

Coast Guard Officer-in-Charge Dale Nelson climbed on the flagpole to take this wonderful picture of the lighthouse, late "50s.

Coast Guard Officer-in-Charge Dale Nelson climbed on the flagpole to take this wonderful picture of the lighthouse, late “50s.

, to Keepers of the Patos Light, PO Box 518, Lopez Island, WA 98261

Our Goal in 2013 and Beyond
Help fill this void
I will continue to add
this page to the newsletter and Blog until we reach
our goal.
“Patos” Bill Lavergne started the fund with a contribution of $500 and challenges other Patos Coast Guard Vets & families to donate and make this happen in
2014 with a contribution by year-end 2013
Patty & Jack Ware contribute $100 and challenge
everyone who loves Patos Lighthouse to contribute in
Keepers of the Patos Light wish you all a wonderful
Holiday season and may 2014 be your best year ever
Send donations to: KOPL, PO Box 518, Lopez Island, WA 98261
All money received for the Flagpole Fund will
be kept separate from our general operating
Be sure to designate on your check if
you are supporting the Flagpole.
Let’s get that flag flying
. Think how beautiful our
pictures will be with Mt. Baker in the back-
ground, our adorable lighthouse in the fore-
ground and our flag waving in the breeze.
When the flag is flying, you will know that our
docents are on board, ready to give tours and
tell you a story.

Sandy and Dennis Evans contribute $100 and challenge
kayak enthusiasts that enjoy Patos.
Linda & David Hudson contribute $100 and challenge
other Lopezians who love Patos.
Denise and Daniel Wilk contribute $100 and challenge
boaters in the Salish Sea that enjoy Patos and the Light-
Diane and Jim Briggs contribute $50 and challenge

bikers who love the San Juans to join the fu

Keepers of the Patos Light
Flagpole Fund
Our Goal in 2013 and Beyond
Help fill this void


In Praise of Lighthouse Docents

This is the email I sent to all of wonderful Patos Lighthouse Docents:

“This is a much belated message to all of you wonderful lighthouse docents. The lighthouse has now been locked up tight for the winter. I am thinking of all the storms, winds, and snow, she will see before we all see her again.

I want to thank you all for all of your efforts this past spring and summer to open the lighthouse to our thankful public. You all know how happy our visitors were to see inside the lighthouse.

Thanks to your efforts, we were able to open to doors to the lighthouse a total of 43 days and greet over 850 visitors. What wonderful memories our visitors took away with them when they left Patos Island. And what memories all of you took away. From the comments many of you sent to me after your time on the island it’s hard to guess who had the most wonderful time…you or our visitors!”

And here are some of those wonderful visitor and docent comments:

“Super! Duper!

“It’s an absolute dream to visit Patos. As a longtime fan of “Light on the Island”, I’ve been wanting to bring my children here!”

“A magic place, beautifully restored”

“Truly beautiful, Island and Lighthouse!”

“Thanks for taking care of the lighthouse and doing such a great job of sharing!”

“I spent  my 49th birthday here…I will never forget it!!”

“beautiful and so picturesque…we’re taking home great memories”

“Great work in keeping the light and keeping the history alive”

We were so psyched to get a tour today!

…and last but not least:

“Perhaps this is the most beautiful spot on earth?  La puesta del sol era magnifice!”

And to close, here are some of the beautiful pictures our docents took last summer. Looking forward to another wonderful summer of 2014!

Work Party and Closing the Lighthouse


Well, the summer has flown by and yesterday marked the final work party of the season and the closing of the lighthouse for the coming winter.

Before our group took off from Orcas in the pouring rain yesterday, we received a safety talk from Ranger, Steve Sabine, and Ranger Liz skillfully  transported us over to Patos Island. At the lighthouse, Team Leader, Sandy, checked us in and gave out work assignments for the day.

Miraculously, the rain had stopped (a common occurrence on Patos Island) and as some headed off for  trail maintenance and campsite cleaning, others stayed near the lighthouse for sidewalk clearing and the never-ending task blackberry removal.

I spent the day in the lighthouse, sorting, cleaning, and packing up for the winter.

All packed up

All packed up

At lunchtime as we gathered to share food, stories, and amazing views from the lighthouse, Tom spotted Humpback Whale, a rare sight for visitors to Patos Island.

After our day of work, we met Steve and Liz back at Minnie’s Beach for the trip back to Orcas Island. But not so fast! About 2/3rd the way back, the Sea Bass’s engine conked out and after futile attempts to restart her, a small State Parks boat was called over from Sucia Island to tow us in.

All’s well that ends well and we were all back in time to catch our ferries to Lopez and Anacortes.

A great big thank-you to participants, Sandy E, Patty, Mike, Tom, Duane, Rhea, Sandy B, and as always, Sucia State Park Rangers, Steve and Liz. (and our rescuers from Sucia!)

That’s it for this posting…enjoy the pictures of our amazing closing day!IMG_9633

IMG_9602 IMG_9611 IMG_9614   IMG_9619 IMG_9620 IMG_9636 IMG_9646 IMG_9648 IMG_9650

Docent Thoughts….

After each docent weekend, I usually receive either an email or a phone call from our volunteers. Here is the email from one of volunteers from last weekend:

Hello Linda,

We got back last night after a blissful time on Patos. 
You’ve done a great job setting the lighthouse up to be a very rich experience. I know you’ve worked with others to accomplish this and to all I am very appreciative. 
We had 90+ visitors over the 3 days – and all were enthralled. I was sure to tell the story of you and your friend, reading the book at 10 — and manifesting the dream all these years later.
Really, it was wholly magical, Thank you!
Interesting to note that these volunteers experienced quite a rainstorm on Friday night….this didn’t seem to dampen their spirits. I guess Patos Island is a magical place, rain OR shine!
Another docent perk: Sunsets like this!

Another docent perk: Sunsets like this!