Keepers of the Patos Light Board Meeting

Here are the minutes of Keepers of the Patos Light January Board Meeting. If you’ve ever wanted to be on a Board, join ours! We have lots of fun…


Minutes – Keepers of Patos Light BLM Office   Lopez Village                     January 26th, 2015

Agenda submitted per e-mail and hard copies by Linda.

Attending: Sandy Evans, Linda Hudson, Jack Pedigo,  Per Phone: Erin Corra, Bill Lavergne

Guests: Marcia deChandendes, OJ Lougheed, Nick Teague, Ann Palmer, Gary Bergren

Meeting opened at 5:00.

New Web Page: New Web Page: Our web page consultant, Ann Palmer of Technosense Consulting, demonstrated the new and updated web-site. She gave an overview and discussed its adaptability on present and future smart devices. Questions were asked and answered. Suggestions were also made about additions and changes to the site. Nick and Sandy agreed to develop a sub-committee for the site.

Review of minutes: Jack read some highlights of the last meeting.


Treasurer Report: Since the position is open Linda gave a general run-down on our finances: $2,790.10 in our account. $800 has been paid for 2014/2015 for liability insurance. A new print run of the book Light on the Island has been published and we will purchase about 40 copies, for a total of $400, to stock in the lighthouse for the spring and summer season. Sandy agreed to look for a new Treasurer.


New Positions: We will be looking for volunteers to administer: 1) Docent programs, 2) Merchandising, 3) Fundraising. Linda will make a job description for each. Marcia will work on looking for a volunteer for the Docent Program and Nick will look for a Merchandising volunteer.


National Monument update:

* Marcia has officially been given the position as Head of the National Monument.

* Events for Patos are being planned as part of the NM program as a site visit to Patos between the BLM and Friends of the San Juans on July 24th.

* This years’ AHS volunteer vacation is set for June 15th-20th. A work party to Patos has been scheduled as a part of the vacation.

* The Schooner Zodiac wants visit Patos on the 1st or 2nd weekend in May. We may need someone to open the lighthouse. Any for-profit group visiting BLM property needs to establish a partnership with the BLM or acquire and pay for a permit.

Grant Workshop: A workshop was held on Orcas on Nov. 18-20. Keeper’s volunteers who attended the workshop included Lisa DiGiorgio, Nic O’Neil and Vice-President, Erin Corra. Erin reported on the workshop via phone. She said the group created a model proposal for KOPL asking for the “Past Perfect” cataloging program. Lighthouse Education Programs grant application deadline is

March 2nd this year and the plan is to ask for the “Past Perfect” program to catalog KOPL photographs and artifacts. (Editor’s note: Lisa Di Giorgio and Linda met with Lopez Museum Director, Mark Thompson-Klein on Friday January 30th and it was decided that “Past Perfect” may not be the way to go as far as cataloging KOPL materials, therefore, we will revisit grant opportunities with the Grants Team). .

Docent Season: Last season the lighthouse was open 49 days with 690 Docent hours. We had 980 guests. For the 2015 season, our goal is to have a Docent(s) present every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Upcoming work party season: Last season we had 10 day-long work parties and one 4 day work party. There were 59 individual work visits. We need some additional tools and have compiled a list. Sandy can borrow some tools from VOW. Motion made and seconded to purchase two utility carts. The motion passed for the BLM to purchase one and KOPL to purchase another.

Flagpole Committee Report: The total donations so far for this project is $1,230. It was proposed we install a temporary pole. First we need to draft a plan and talk to a BLM engineer and then submit a request for approval. Editor’s Note: Marcia said that the Flagpole Committee only needs to call the BLM office to start the process.


New Board Members: Motion made and seconded to nominate OJ as a board member. Motion passed.


Other Business: 

  • Guest Gary Bergen brought up the subject of having a third mooring buoy in Active Cove for Docent/Volunteer use. A separate administrative buoy was once in place and the anchor is still there. A recommendation needs to be made to State Parks to start the approval process.
  •  Marcia suggested a 2 day lighthouse appreciation weekend be held. The event would include: Lime Kiln, Cattle Point, Turn Point and Patos.
  • Bill L. has donated over 100 lighthouse related items to Patos. Some will be kept and some will be auctioned off. The proceeds will go toward the Flagpole Fund. So far, $115 has been raised in this way.
  • Marcia said Jennifer will return next summer under a grant subsidy. She will help with a seed bank program which will preserve rare/native plants in the San Juan Islands National Monument.
  • Marcia said that we have the opportunity to have Victoria back this summer to work on an Interpretive Plan for Patos Island and the Lighthouse. It was suggested that we ask for the amount of $2,500 through Lighthouse Educational Programs.


Meeting Adjourned 7:25. Next meeting in June

Jack Pedigo


Patos Island, National Monument?

Hola to all my readers,

This is HUGE! Our entire San Juan County Council voted this morning to send a letter to Interior Secretary Salazar with their endorsement of the idea of a National Monument status for our BLM properties in the San Juan Islands…which of course, includes our entire Patos Island and lighthouse! Carla and I have been on a committee, Islanders for a National Conservation Area for 3+ years and that legislation is slooooowly working its way thru congress with little hope of passage in any near future. Salazar proposed this alternate rounte and now it has passed our county council…a very big hurdle as they are 50-50 on everything!

Great thanks go out to Keepers’ Historian Dawn who testified in support at the February public open meeting with Salazar and Cantwell.

Carla and I are so excited and we know you all share the excitement with us!

Carla Chalker and Linda Hudson

Denise Wilk

Keepers of the Patos Light

“We always welcome donations of any size to help
us to continue our work on Patos Island. And please
 remember to consider including us in your estate plans”

Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 12:02:23 -0700
Subject: 4/3/12 NEWS RELEASE: Islanders Thank San Juan County Council For Unanimously Supporting Permanent Protection of Local BLM Lands

San Juan County islanders thanked its county council today for unanimously supporting permanent protection of local Bureau of Land Management federal properties in the islands. The county council voted to send a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the Washington congressional delegation expressing their support of either congressional action or presidential proclamation to achieve federal protection.

“We thank the council for its leadership and thank the many, many people who have expressed their support,” said Asha Lela, chair of the group Islanders for a San Juan Islands National Conservation Area. “We will continue to make sure that there is permanent protection for the BLM lands and that islanders are involved in the management of these lands.”

Asha Lela and other concerned citizens have been working for several years on federal legislation seeking permanent protection for the BLM lands in the San Juan Islands with a strong community voice in their management.

Congressional legislation to permanently protect the BLM lands as a National Conservation Area was introduced by Rep. Rick Larsen and Sen. Maria Cantwell but has been stalled in Congress.

Most recently, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and BLM officials have discussed permanent protection of the federal lands through presidential proclamation based on the congressional legislation and working with local elected officials and citizens.

For more information, contact Islanders For A San Juan Islands National Conservation Area, <>

# # #

Keepers: Front Row and Center!

Dawn’s acoount of the National Conservation Area Protection Bill meeting in Anacortes today with Secretary Salazar and Senator Maria Cantwell: Thanks, Dawn!!!!!!:

I have to say that I was very impressed with Secretary Slazar and Senator Cantwell for all that they are doing to protect the BLM land in the San Juan Islands.  I felt that the naysayers are not well educated and feel the governement is going to take over the precious San Juan Islands and not just the BLM property.  

Dawn finds her childood teeter-totter on Patos Island!

When all was said and done I was trying to get to Linda who was at the “map” of the San Juans Islands showing the BLM properties and educating the naysayers (thank you Linda!).  Then Senator Cantwell grabbed my hand and said “thank you so much for speaking, that was so sweet what you said”  I said “I was so nervous and thanked her for her service and everything she does”.  That was soooo Cool!  After I spoke I also had to show Secretary Salazar on the map exactly where Patos Island was located as I mentioned the whole Island is BLM land and must be protected, I would prefer an Executive order.  I am sure he knew where Patos Island was but wanted to make a point. 

Here are some of the notes I took as general information.  Which I am sure Nick also could tell us.  He was sure touted (as he should be) by Salazar.  

   The Senate Bill is 1559 NCA National Conservation Area     

   The BLM land in the San Juans would be added to the 28Million BLM Estate of protected acres, that would prioritize restoration, and personnel   

   This land has 700,000 visitors a year, The outdoor Recreation Foundation offers 8Million jobs and between 2011 – 2021 they plan to add 1.1 to 3.1million more jobs 

There are 3 main areas for the Outdoor Recreation Foundation

  • Landscape National Significance
  • Great Urban Park – Lan set aside in major cities
  • River Restoration Agenda which includes the Elwa River

The BLM is in the process to developing a website to help with input from the communities. 

Enjoy the photos –

Interior Secretary Salazar and Senator Maria Cantwell Visit!

This event will have great impact on how we protect the BLM Properties in the San Juans, (Which includes our lovely Patos Island) into the future. Many from our Islanders for National Conservation Area and Keepers of the Patos Light groups will be attending this import event!

Please join Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Senator Maria Cantwell for a public meeting this Saturday, February 18, 2012 to discuss the progress that has been made, and is ongoing, to conserve and protect the San Juan Islands.  We enjoyed a vibrant discussion at the last public meeting on April 27, 2011 and look forward to you joining us so we can hear from you and continue our conversation. 

When:              Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time:               10:30am (PST)

Location:         Anacortes Senior Center – Great Room

                        1701 22nd Street

                        Anacortes, WA 98221


Leaving lovely Patos Island